Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visioning Days!! (Scroll Down to see This Project from the Beginning!)

On March 14th and 15th, 2008 we had two fun-filled "Visioning Days" where students participated in a series of activities designed to help them explore their school's common areas.

Working Playground, with Hester Street Collaborative, coordinated this project by connecting MS 131 art teachers with other partner arts organizations to create the following activities.

  • Out with the Old..In with the New
  • Photo ABC Relay
  • Dance Movement Performance Space
  • Music Moods
  • The Big Dig
Through the following activities students provided us with an abundance of creative ideas for how to incorporate arts into their shared space!

Out with the Old...In with the New

The photographs in the Commons are 25 years old-
Students study the dated photos and imagine new visuals for this space
that will reflect the school's current culture and values.

Students answer the question "If you could change or add something in the photographs, what would it be?"

PhotoABC Relay

Students prepare to go out and photograph the space-

Students move around space and capture some images

"Create a list of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet to describe what you have seen in the commons."

Dance Movement Performance Space

During this activity, students are asked to observe the potential of a live performance space,

...and share their ideas about how to design the space!

Music Moods

Students listen to five different types of music and answer the question,
"Choose the piece of music that best reflects how the Commons would feel, if you could change it."

The Big Dig

Students prepare to dig into the old planter for buried treasures that may inspire new ideas for that area.

Students dig around in the dry dry dirt... cough cough

...and find some interesting objects.

"What would you like to see it become? Why would you like to see it become this?"

End of the Day Student Reflection

"Write or sketch ideas you have had today about the Commons."

All in all a tremendously successful Visioning Day!

Next Steps:

The "Charrette"- which is creative session in which the students' ideas materialize into actual plans for transformation!

Stay tuned!

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