Tuesday, February 19, 2008

School Transformation Update- February 19, 2008

Hello Everyone!

In the past month we have been working to organize the School Transformation Project at MS 131.

Our goal is to transform these common spaces into a living art gallery!

Some important dates to keep in mind:

Thursday 3/14 and Friday 3/15
Student Visioning Days
On these days students will participate in a series of activities dedicated to exploring the following:

· How do students experience the school's common spaces?
· What do students want to see?
· How will students evaluate the common spaces?

Tune in within the next couple of weeks to get detailed descriptions about these exciting activities!

  • Out With the Old...In With the New
  • Photo ABC Relay
  • The Big Dig
  • Music Moods
  • Dance Movement Performance Space

Questions about this project??
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